How to place an order

You do not  need to register to be able to order from my website.

If you decide to buy a product, here are the steps to follow:

1.  Click on the Add to Cart button at the product you want to order.  The item will be added to your cart and is displayed at the top left side of the page.

2.  To proceed with your order, go to the Checkout page, which will be found under the link to the Shop.

3.  In the checkout, you will be asked to choose your preferred shipping method and to fill in your details to enable us to deliver your parcel.  Remember to click on accepting the terms and conditions.

4.  Complete the order by pressing the Purchase button.  An invoice will automatically be sent to you by email.  If you do not receive the email, please check that you typed in the correct email address, otherwise check your automatic trash bin (spam box).

5.  Go to your internet banking app or physical bank and do the electronic transfer payment.  Payment must be done within 24 hours to avoid the reverse of the transaction.  If you are unable to do the payment within 24 hours, please contract us for arrangements.  Once we received the payment, confirmation will be sent where-after your parcel will follow.

6.  Congratulations!  Look out for the arriving of your parcel!

Please take note: Once an items is added to your shopping cart, it will stay there for only 72 hours. If you do not complete the purchase within 72 hours, your shopping cart will automatically be cleared.